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About Us

Welcome to Classic Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic, a place dedicated to truly effective acupuncture and herbal treatments, the way Chinese Medicine should be.

If you tried many other approaches and none worked well, come and see us.

The clinic is run by a couple - Xin Xia, a licensed acupuncturist, and Yong Tao, an herbalist with 40+ years of family heritage in Chinese Medicine, martial art and other antient Chinese arts.

We came into this field because we have seen the wonders of what authentic traditional Chinese Medicine can do. How much it could help people, who have tried everything but still failed to produce good results. We have helped many patients regained their lives back, avoided surgeries, alleviated stubborn pains, revitalized body energy, normalized body functions, and realized their dreams of becoming parents when other procedures failed.

We enjoy working closely with Western medical doctors from major physician networks on many of our patients' cases. As our success cases grow, more and more patients are being referred by MDs to our clinic.

There is no guarantee that every case will be a success, as every case is unique. But we will do our best, and we hope that you will also take your health seriously and follow through your treatments and instructions. When both sides work hard together, we very often see our patients happily surprised.


Acupuncture is an excellent way to treat various pain conditions, sports injuries, infertility (female and male), sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, allergy, asthma, digestive disorders, immune disorders, female hormone imbalance (PMS, menopause/post-menopause symptoms, water metabolism issues, mood swings), fatigue, and many other functional disorders of our body.

Our acupuncture treatments frequently show significant results in the first 1-2 treatments. Many of our patients actually report instant improvements seconds after needles are inserted. However, like exercise, long term and stable effects require consistent work. Depending on the severity of the issue, expect at least 6+ treatments, beginning with 2-3 treatments a week.


Herbal treatment is a powerful primary treatment on its own, or an excellent complement to acupuncture. It is particularly effective and necessary in cases where daily regulation of constitution is needed, or when conditions are severe and complicated. It is also a great alternative for people that are sensitive to needles.

We specialize in Classical Formulas, which are well known for their simplicity, effectiveness, and instant action, especially when working with severe and difficult cases.

We use extreme care when selecting our herbs, to make sure they are authentic, fresh, safe, and correctly processed. Accurate assessment, powerful formula and authentic herbs are the keys to our success rates.

Posture Assessment and Correction

It is nowadays more and more commonly seen, especially in teenagers and long-time computer/cell phone users, that a body severely deviates in its form. With head way ahead of the body, shoulders rounded and not symmetrical, spine curved, pelvic tilted, knee hyperextended, body lean forward, people are becoming not only less efficient in their movements, easily tired, but also much more susceptible to future spinal degenerative diseases, sports injuries and severe pain issues. For children and teenagers, a particular risk would be scoliosis development.

When the structure of the body is restored to its optimized form, you will stand taller, feel easier in your skin and move much lighter and gracefully.

Posture adjustment sessions are very effective in quickly restoring the body to its optimal position.

Examples of Our Successful Cases

  • Restored patient’s knee function and avoided knee replacement surgery.
  • Relieved patient’s lower back pain when spinal surgery and implanted pain medicine pump failed to work.
  • Relieved patient's severe head and neck pain which pain killer, botox and nerve blocking procedure all failed to control.
  • Restored sleep to a child who suffered from severe insomnia that could not be relieved by anti-depressant medicine.
  • Enabled a woman with teratoma — whose doctors declared could not get pregnant — to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.
  • Helped a college student stand an inch taller in 30 mins.

There are many more successful cases, which will be added later when the web site is redesigned.


Call for free informational consultation.


- Xin Xia, Licensed Acupuncturist, Cert. Sports Medicine Acupuncture

- Yong Tao, Herbalist



In-Network: Cigna, Sutter Select
Out-of-Network Plans: Claims submitted on your behalf, or Super bill provided

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We are located inside of Silicon Valley Chiropractic Center,
which is right by East El Camino Real (Route 82) in Mountain View,
next to a Mattress Firm store.

If you come off from Highway 85 to 82 South,
it is easier to turn left at the first traffic light at Sylvan Ave, and
turn right into the Sylvan Plaza.
The Silicon Valley Chiropractic Center building is the 2nd building to your right.

It is OK to park in the parking lot of Silicon Valley Chiropractic.

Ask the front desk for the acupuncture office.


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